The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (C.E.I.) is a one-stop location for accessing the University’s services geared to helping small businesses during the early stages of development.

C.E.I. has partnered with the City of Austin’s Economic Development Department to house its Business Solutions Center on campus. Together, C.E.I. and the Business Solutions Center will provide access to online databases and websites for small business owners to use in conducting business research.

The purpose of C.E.I. is to facilitate entrepreneurial activity in the Austin area. The Center will work with students, faculty and members of the Austin community to help create, launch, and grow new businesses. It is the intent that the C.E.I. will become a means for accomplishing local economic development by helping its graduates and unemployed or underemployed adults in the surrounding communities to become entrepreneurs and create new enterprises and generate jobs.

The goal of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to become one of the premier sources of entrepreneurial education and support in Austin. This will be achieved by:

  • Offering entrepreneurial education at the university level
  • Offering entrepreneurial continuing education to the community through workshops, conferences, and electronic media
  • Offering entrepreneurial education to high school students through the Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP)
  • Foster the exchange of ideas among entrepreneurs in Austin

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides an entry for business start-ups to learn and take advantage of an array of services that are already provided at HT. These services include:

  • Product and service development
  • Business plan development
  • Market research and market testing
  • Assistance in securing start-up financing
  • Expert consultation
  • Financial planning
  • Business education
  • Business training
  • Internships

The services listed above will be provided to:

  •  HT students
  •  Middle and High school students
  • The local community


Email :

Telephone : 512.505.3131

Address : 900 Chicon Street
                  Austin,Texas 78702