Program Assessment

In keeping with the overall mission of the School of Business and Technology (SBT), the Department of Business Administration seeks to maintain an environment of academic excellence in business education. The SBT has well defined learning outcomes for its BA in Business Administration program and is committed to preparing students to be ethical and critical thinkers as well as help them to develop strong communication skills. Additionally, students are prepared to be global thinkers and to develop functional competencies in business. Click here for a listing of the Student Learning Outcomes.

The success of the Department of Business Administration’s efforts to accomplish its learning outcomes is measured through a variety of direct measures including classroom assignments, case analyses, internships, capstone course evaluation, and the ETS standardized test.

Additionally, indirect measures such as senior exit surveys, alumni’s learning perception surveys, and employer satisfaction surveys are used to compliment the direct assessment measures. Assessment results are disseminated throughout the SBT.


The facts at this link, Institutional Fact Sheetaddress some frequently asked statistical questions about the University. More detailed statistics are available from the Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Assessments.