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About school of business and technology

The Huston-Tillotson University School of Business and Technology is committed to providing educational opportunities to individuals interested in pursuing undergraduate degrees in business and technology. A major objective of the School of Business and Technology is the preparation of students of diverse origins and backgrounds to become competent leaders in business, industry, and government in the global marketplace as well as to excel in graduate studies.

The School of Business and Technology has two departments: the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Computer Science. The programs in both departments are designed to meet the demands within the business and technology industries. The students are provided a well-rounded professional education which gives them an opportunity to develop requisite skills for entry-level jobs in the real world. The programs are built on a foundation of liberal arts courses and consist of a series of core business and computer science courses and advanced courses in the major.

School of business and technology

Deans Message

The world, as we know it, has become even more complicated with significant global challenges. My faculty and staff will ensure our students are prepared for the competitive environment that awaits them outside the walls of Huston-Tillotson University. We continue to strengthen our relationship with our corporate partners, make necessary changes to our curriculum, develop programs to assist students’ success and create innovative ways to push our students to excellence.

The stakeholders of the School of Business and Technology are the reason we continue to transform the way we operate. Our goal is to prepare the leaders and practitioners of tomorrow’s world while supporting and encouraging our alumni. We understand the strength, outlook, and prestige of the School of Business and Technology lies partly with our alumni’s success. We ask everyone to join us on our journey of building an inclusive environment, where success is expected and not demanded.

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