Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

CEI offers entrepreneurial education, provides incubator services, and assists individuals in the local community, especially women and minorities, launch new ventures through classroom instruction and experiential learning. It is anticipated that the next generation of women and minority entrepreneurs will have the skills and tools necessary to energize the economies of East Austin, Central Texas, and the State of Texas.

Advanced Robotics Center

The HT Robotics Center is a dedicated robotics lab which provides students with real-world experiences on the challenges and opportunities in the field.

The main focus of the Robotics Center is to conduct research pertaining to robots that can operate and interact with humans in unstructured environments. Also, research will be conducted on human motion and how to program robots to move in a similar manner.

Additionally, the Robotics Center allows for research in the areas of web applications development as well as highlight 3-D printing.

The Center was founded by Dr. Azubike Okpalaeze with funding from the Department of Defense