Courses in Computer Information Systems

COSC 1324 Web Site Design and Maintenance                                                                                           3 Credit Hours

The focus of this course is on creating the content of a Web Site and introducing students to concepts, steps and issues dealing with setting up Web servers. The course covers introductory through intermediate/advanced concepts and techniques in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) including basic syntax and standards that allow various browsers to recognize code. It also includes design guidelines for HTML style sheets and dynamic HTML. Additionally, it covers Web site design processes ranging from background research to techniques and methods of successful design, preparation, development, and on-going maintenance. The course is hands-on and project-oriented. It provides an opportunity for students to use commercial software programs to construct and maintain a Web site.

Prerequisites: COSC 1300, COSC 1312                                                                                                          Offered: Spring/Yearly

COSC 1325 Programming in Visual Basic (VB)                                                                                             3 Credit Hours

This course introduces the VB interactive development environment, user interface with graphical controls. It covers VB code, variables, functions and error handling objects and events, creating programs to manage data, working with multiple forms, printing reports, working with random and sequential access files, database access, Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), creating multiple document applications, programming with classes, creating toolbars with controls, and preparing advanced reports. This course also includes debugging, designing object-oriented event-driven programs, and database design and implementation.

Prerequisite: MATH 1314 or Higher                                                                                                                Offered: Fall/Yearly

COSC 2324 Information System Concepts                                                                                                    3 Credit Hours

This is an introductory course designed to give students a broad understanding of issues involving the use of information technology (IT) in organizations. It includes an examination of pertinent technologies, human-machine interface, and motivations for IT uses within private and public organizations. This course covers topics such as the role of information systems, hardware, software, telecommunications, end-user computing, work-group collaboration, multimedia, hypertext, and decision support systems. The course also covers planning, implementation, and management issues. This course is designed for CSC majors, minors, or other students interested in information systems management.

Prerequisite: None                                                                                                                                              Offered: Spring/Yearly

COSC 2365 Introductions to Multimedia                                                                                                         3 Credit Hours

This is an introductory course that covers multimedia applications and development. It covers concepts and evolution of multimedia systems; hardware and software requirements including operating systems and device drivers; digital audio MIDI and creating a MIDI arrangement; CD formats and mastering CDs; working with data, music, and photo CDs; images, formats, scanning and editing; animation, frames, modeling, morphing; digital video, WWW, HTML, JAVA, and DHTML applications. Laboratory exercises and projects are designed to give students hand-on practice in understanding, developing, and using multimedia applications.

Prerequisite: COSC 1300                                                                                                                                     Offered: Fall/Yearly

COSC 3313 Introduction to Information Security                                                                                            3 Credit Hours

This course will equip students with knowledge of the underlying principles of information security and provide them with the skills needed to analyze and evaluate information security problems, especially in the areas of the Internet, World Wide Web and Electronic Commerce. Included is a concise overview of threats, countermeasures, security services and cryptographic base techniques. Find out about specific threats in wireless and mobile communication networks and get an overview of key security concepts in current wireless and mobile communication standards.

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing in Computer Science; COSC 2324                                                    Offered: Fall/Yearly

COSC 4313 Systems Analysis and Design                                                                                                          3 Credit Hours

This course covers issues, techniques, and concepts involved in planning, designing, and implementing software systems. Topics include problem solving concepts, software life-cycle models, the software process, software quality, developing teams, requirements gathering, utilizing CASE tools, risk management, black box and white box testing, creating objects, reusability and portability, planning and estimating software projects. Feasibility study, requirements definition and design, and development documentation are covered. Exercises and projects emphasize team work, coordination of multiple programmers, documentation, user friendly interface design, and software costing.

Prerequisite: Upper-division standing in Computer Science, and COSC3312                                              Offered: Fall/Yearly

COSC 4324 Emerging Technology Solutions for Business                                                                                3 Credit Hours

This course is for Business majors and computer science majors. In order for this class to work, there must be a mixture of students from both disciplines. Students investigate various emerging technologies for both their business and technical potential. Teams pairing business students with computer science students will explore whether there are any business opportunities in the emerging technologies that could are exploited for a new business. Business plans and technical plans are put together as a class project. The students have an opportunity to compete in the Moot Corp competitions that are nationwide. This course may have an equivalent Business course number.

Prerequisites: MGMT 3311, or instructor approval                                                                                               Offered: As Needed

COSC 4325 Electronic Commerce and the Internet                                                                                               3 Credit Hours

The course provides students an understanding of issues associated with conducting electronic commerce on the Internet through case studies, in-class discussions, lectures, and course projects. Students develop an understanding of current practices and opportunities in electronic publishing and advertising, electronic shopping and distribution, and become familiar with related software development tools of HTML, XML, and others. The course will include Internet-based procurement and supply chain management issues; ethical and legal issues; and examples of successful and unsuccessful Internet firms. The course provides students with an overview of some of the technical aspects of Web site development methods and construction. The course also explores several of the problems surrounding electronic commerce such as security.

Prerequisite: Upper division standing in Computer Science                                                                          Offered: As Needed