Courses in International Business

IBUS 3311 |  International Business                                                                 3 Credit Hours

This is a course in multinational business that surveys the various elements of international production and trade. The course will examine the benefits and problems that multinational companies encounter in an international environment. It will also focus on global market perspectives of trade agreements, international finance and global communication.

Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor approval                                Offered: Fall/Yearly

IBUS 3362  | International Negotiations                                                           3 Credit Hours

A study of the process of making business deals across national and cultural boundaries. Emphasis is on the basic processes that guide international negotiation: successful preparation, building relationships, using persuasion tactics, gaining concessions, and reaching a final agreement. Also, key cross-cultural communication issues will be discussed, including when one should use an interpreter and cultural differences in nonverbal communication.

Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor approval                                Offered: As Needed

IBUS 4311  |  Global Business Strategies                                                           3 Credit Hours

This course examines the fundamental theories and techniques that are used by multinational corporations to develop and implement a global business strategy needed to effectively integrate the activities of their worldwide subsidiaries. Emphasis is on the three separate components to developing a successful global strategy: developing a core business strategy, developing an internationalization strategy, and developing a globalization strategy.

Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor approval                               Offered: As Needed

IBUS 4362  |  Export/Import Operations                                                          3 Credit Hours

Overview of the major considerations involved in the export-import process. Exploration of documentation, transportation, marketing, and finance of export and import operations. Discussion of legal aspects and legislative constraints confronting exporters and importers, along with governmental support programs, where available. Concentrates on the relevant issues in exporting from and importing into the United States; parallel examples from other countries are given where information is available.

Prerequisites: IBUS 3311, junior standing                                                  Offered: As Needed

IBUS 4363  | Special Topics in International Business                                    3 Credit Hours

This is an advanced-level course and is designed to cover topics in international business that are either not covered or not covered in-depth by regularly offered international business courses. This course will typically be taught in a seminar format.

Prerequisite: IBUS 3311, Senior standing or instructor approval             Offered: As Needed