Courses in Management

MGMT 3311 | Principles of Management 3 Credit Hours

An examination of the fundamental theories and techniques that influence contemporary management approaches. This course introduces students to how management is practiced and how these practices have developed.

Prerequisite: Upper Division Standing Offered: Fall/Yearly

MGMT 3322 | Organizational Behavior 3 Credit Hours

This is a study of the theories of organizations as related to effectiveness, efficiency, and impact on the environment. The student will delineate formal and informal organizations, discuss authority and influence, and explores the phenomenon of individual and group behavior in work organizations.

Prerequisite: MGMT 3311 Offered: Spring/Yearly

MGMT 3323 | Small Business Management 3 Credit Hours

An introduction into the processes of starting a business. Preparation of a business plan, marketing plan and understanding concepts of e-business will be expected.

Prerequisite: MGMT 3311, MKTG 3311 Offered: Fall/Yearly

MGMT 3324 | Managing Diversity 3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to introduce students to techniques used by organizations to learn how to “manage” people’s differences in ways that make workers more productive and more compatible team members. The focus will be on developing one’s ability to understand and appreciate individual differences and to work productively, particularly on teams, with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. This course will also focus on the needs for both individual understanding of differences and organizational systemic change.

Prerequisite: MGMT 3311 Offered: Spring/Yearly

MGMT 4311 | Operations Management 3 Credit Hours

Techniques for management of direct resources required to produce goods and services. Topics such as linear programming, transportation algorithms and quantitative tools are covered.

Prerequisite: BUSI 3401, MGMT 3311 Offered: Fall/Yearly

MGMT 4322 | Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours

Basic techniques of management of human resources and human relations: job analysis; job rating and classification; selection, training and promotion; employee health/welfare and safety; remuneration of employees; labor turnover; employer-employee relations; government legislation; and labor relations.

Prerequisite: MGMT 3311 Offered: Spring/Yearly

MGMT 4323 | Business Policy 3 Credit Hours

This course is designed as a capstone in the education of undergraduate business students. It involves the management of business organizations, in the broadest sense, integrating previous studies in business and administration into a coherent, realistic approach to business policy and decision making.

Prerequisites: Senior standing and completion of 21 credit hours Offered: Fall/Yearly

of Business courses which must include FINA 3311, MGMT 3311, MKTG 3311

MGMT 4324 | Project Management 3 Credit Hours

This course examines current tools and concepts in the area of project management. Topics covered include: project life cycle, project selection, project planning, project control, project execution, project closeout, organizing projects, identifying needs and articulating requirements, change control, and motivation of team members.

Prerequisites: BUSI 3401, MGMT 4311 Offered: Spring/Fall/Yearly

or Department Chair Approval

MGMT 4364 | Special Topics in Management 3 Credit Hours

This is an advanced-level course and is occasionally offered. The course is designed to cover topics in management that are either not covered or not covered in depth by regularly offered management courses. This course is typically taught in a seminar format.

Prerequisite: Completion of 21 credit hours of Offered: As Needed

Business courses and instructor approval